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Rupert Wilkinson started working in the tree care industry in 1992 when the climbing techniques were quite basic. Over the years things have moved on quite rapidly and Rupert has been able to keep up with these changes and so now with 29 years of climbing behind him he is highly experienced in all forms of practical arboriculture, modern climbing techniques and work methods. 

Originally from Fairford, Rupert moved to Cheltenham in 1999 whilst working for a tree surgery company based there. Rupert continues to live in Cheltenham where he has carried out tree work contracts for Cheltenham Borough Council for many years and has now developed a good client base in the town as well as across the south east Gloucestershire area (see area covered) that he knows so well.

"With a very high density of customers in Cheltenham and the rest spread over quite a large area of Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire, this is an ideal location from where I can easily meet the needs of my customers."

Rupert has taken part in over forty tree climbing competitions since 2002. This has helped him stay at the forefront of new tree climbing and safety techniques. Ranking third in the country in 2005 and representing the UK at the European competitions in Copenhagen 2005 and Nantes 2006. Rupert remained in the top ten climbers in the uk until 2010 and then continued to take part as a veteran competitor in one or two events until 2014

Watch the last (2014) Headcam footage here

 A keen cyclist on and off road Rupert decided to "tri" a triathlon in 2012 and has since completed 4 Olympic distance triahtlons. Surprisingly swimming quickly became the most succesful discipline of the three and so triahtlon has taken a back seat and swimming is now the main activity. If he's not up a tree he's in the pool/lake/sea! 


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Removing large trees can be done with minimal impact on their surroundings. VIDEO


We use the latest rigging equipment to safely lower sections of trees into small or safe areas. Our team are highly experienced at this kind of work and we have done some of the largest Beech and Cedar Tree removals in Gloucestershire over the last ten years. Working fast, and efficiently, clearing up as we go along for minimum disturbance to clients and neighbouring properties.

More pictures can be found on our facebook page.