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Thank you for looking at our website. SPAtrees started life as "Fairford Tree Services" (FTS),  a small professional tree work company, started in 2002 by Rupert Wilkinson who was aiming to meet the needs of his client base in both the Fairford and Cheltenham areas. 

Over the following years FTS gained a reputation for very high quality tree pruning and careful tree removal work with a wide range of clients including local authorities, large estates, construction companies and selected private customers covering a much larger area area of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire and as such the Fairford name became less relevant and so SPAtrees evolved. 

SPAtrees offers all aspects of tree work, from Pruning and trimming to complete removal of trees, hedges and shrubs including stumps*.

Tree pruning can be done for Health and safety reasons, or to remove obstruction or impact on buildings, to improve views or light levels in domestic gardens and to enhance the appearance of trees.

Rupert Wilkinson started working in the tree care industry in 1992 when the climbing techniques were quite basic. Over the years things have moved on quite rapidly and Rupert has been able to keep up with these changes and so now with 29 years of climbing behind him he is highly experienced in all forms of practical arboriculture, modern climbing techniques and work methods. 

Removing large trees can be done with minimal impact on their surroundings. VIDEO


We use the latest rigging equipment to safely lower sections of trees into small or safe areas. Our team are highly experienced at this kind of work and we have done some of the largest Beech and Cedar Tree removals in Gloucestershire over the last ten years. Working fast, and efficiently, clearing up as we go along for minimum disturbance to clients and neighbouring properties.

More pictures can be found on our facebook page.