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Specialist Professional Arboriculture

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Previously known as "Fairford Tree services"  SPAtrees continues the excellent repution built over 18 years of tree work in Cheltenham and surrounding areas. Working on trees next to buildings, roads and in confined spaces can all be done safely and with minimum disruption to your environment and the surrounding areas.  

By using the latest equipment and techniques, along with proper planning for each job we ensure completion of all works to an excellent standard. It is very rare that roads need to be closed and traffic can be managed with minimum dispruption. Traffic lights will be hired in if required.

For domestic customers we carry out pruning and felling operations to the highest standards.


When SPAtrees consider your requirements we will always look to find the most efficient method of carrying out the treework.  With our years of experience dealing with often complex and technical work we can present you with the best possible solutions for your needs. We are fully equipped to remove everything from the site.  However, depending on the access and the location of the trees to be worked on it can, where appropriate, be more efficient to leave woodchip and or logs on site.  This can be much more cost effective and is generally the most environmentally friendly method.






SPAtrees are fully insured for public liability and all employees are fully trained in the relevant elements of their work and hold the necessary certificates as required by Health and Safety legislation.  We previously qualified as Arboricultural Association Approved Contractors (as FTS) which means all our procedures and working methods follow, or exceed the current industry best practice. However we felt continuing with the Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor scheme was not cost effective for a small business. We now continue to work at the same high standards, but, as an independant contractor. 

We are able to provide copies of all certification in PDF format for your files along with written risk assessments and method statements to show that we adhere to all relevant industry legislation.